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About us

Concrete elements production enterprise  ‘Fortesa’ is located in Korisha, which is Prizren area of Kosovo and its one of the early operating enterprises which produces many different concrete elements, always regarding quality and resistance of those elements, which is characteristic of Fortesa enterprise, which one behind herself have a great and long successful tradition of work, and also she have a zealous staff that together offers a first class products.

Fortesa enterprise has always stand loyal to requests of her consummators and clients respecting correctness and liability, always offering them a quality products for their satisfaction, and with this gesture Fortesa now owns their trust , as an responsible enterprise and with s successful perspective

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Xhemal Kabashi


Mob: +377 44 140 114

Sami Kabashi
Director (Shareholder)

Mob: +377 44 171 952

Bujar Kabashi

Manager (Shareholder)

Mob: +377 44 183 797

Valon Hetemi

Ing Dpl in construction

Mob: +377 44 264 068

Fitim Kabashi

Preduction sector

Mob: +377 44  217 259

Salajdin Kabashi

Transport sector

Mob: 044 129 560

Urim Kabashi

Transport sector

Mob: +377 44 217 560

Our story

Enterprise for concrete elements production Fortesa has a long time tradition of work and success thry many past years, which resulted with continuous growing and expanse of the enterprise.

Fortesa has start working as a small enterprise since year 1989, when this enterprise start her first activity mostly in producing of concrete blocks with a high quality, because in those occupied time this production was rear and limited. In the beginning the enterprise was working mostly by handwork, and all work was done by humans, so this process was slow and uncomfortable but after all it was a simulation and a big impulse for growing the enterprise.

After many years, enterprise was extended much more, and then enterprise continued her growing with new products. After the war time, the enterprise starts to produce other concrete elements, such concrete stones, of different kinds and colors. The time was going, and Fortesa was growing, she employed a large number of workers, new technology, and working area was extended to 20.000m2 as a result of success. Now Fortesa is working with a full capacity and producing a large number of concrete elements, always including new technology, and qualified staff to be able to respond to client’s requests.

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About us

Concrete elements production enterprise ‘Fortesa’ is located in Korisha, which is Prizren area of Kosovo and its one of the early operating enterprises producing many different concrete elements

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